Review: Is Learn 2 Trade a scam?

How it generates money for you: Once you purchased their service, you are invited to join the VIP telegram group for updates on trade signals and news. No team building, no referral links from me. Yes I am that direct, no hiding, no BS.

Costs: 85 euros (USD 95.58 as of 5 July 2020) for 6 months


Good Points:

  1. I have been subscribed since 19 June 2020 and there have been very consistent updates on signals and news.
  2. I subscribed for the forex signals only but in the VIP telegram group they also share signals for Gold, Silver and other commodities.
  3. Since 2 July 2020, they have changed the way they provide updates. Previously there were just sending signals to take action and that’s it. Now, they are following the signal closely and updating us whether to continue or pull out of the trade and when the trades have reached their targets. I especially love this as I can feel they are more closely knitted and genuine to provide good signals.
  4. Signals provided are accompanied by an explanation so that it is up to you whether it makes sense to open the trade.
  5. You can start with as little as USD 10 if you sign up with some of their recommended brokers.


Bad Points:

  1. As with all signals provider (especially a volatile market like forex), you have to react very quickly when the signals come in. This could be at various times of the day or night depending on where you are. It is crucial to enter trade only at the recommended entry price so that your stop loss and take profit levels make sense. I am using the MT5 trader on my mobile phone to trade most of the time and this is prone to slow ping due to the poor internet connection as compared to using the platform on desktop and having a VPS near my broker location. This affects the net profit made.
  2. After around 2 weeks of usage, their accuracy levels are not up to what they claim yet.


L2T ClaimsClaims found on their website. First 3 get a yes from me, last 2 a big no.


Initial Thoughts: I went through a lot of research on reliable forex signals provider as there were simply too many ‘gurus’ out there. Be VERY careful when you are looking for one. There are some ‘gurus’ that simply join affordable signal providers like Learn 2 Trade, only to copy and paste the signals given in their own ‘VIP’ group and charge exorbitant fees to unsuspecting members.


Current Thoughts: Forex markets are very volatile, especially now. I will continue to trade using the signals given by this company as I have a 6 months subscription. I will make my final verdict then. In general, if the signal is more than 5 minutes from the timestamp of the shared signal, I will not make the trade as the entry prices will be very different and it would be unfair to conclude the quality of the trade signals.



Results First 2 Weeks

Total Trades Made: 15

Trades Won: 5

Trades Lost: 10

Initial Investment: USD 101.27

Lot Size: 0.01

Open Trades over weekend: 1

Current Balance as of 5 July 2020: USD 82.79


Remember, I did not make trades that were 5 minutes old from the time that signal is provided, due to sleep and work. There were many more signals missed which could have been profitable.


Verdict: Definitely not a scam as they provide good analysis and explanation for each signal provided. Winning rates are not what they claimed, will continue trading for now.

Recommendation: Low as of 5 July 2020.

Be sure to keep a lookout for updates and sign up to be notified as I will be posting frequently about my Learn 2 Trade VIP group journey.

You can visit their website here:

Learn 2 Trade Logo

Painless Trades signing off.

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