Review: Is Mirror Trading International a scam?

MTI Logo

How it generates money for you: Uses bitcoin (BTC) as a base currency to trade in the forex market. Profits are then shared with members. Forex markets are closed on the weekends and major holidays (like New Year and Christmas). You can get a little extra percentage of the daily profits if you build a team as I am trying to right now. Yes I am that direct, no hiding, no BS.

Good Points:

  1. Passive Income, you don’t need to do anything
  2. Transparency – You can see their daily trades..there are hundreds! Can simply tally with real forex market to see that their trades are legit. Evidence shown below.
  3. Daily Updates provided via Telegram and BackOffice on their website
  4. Small profits which are realistic and not ‘get rich overnight’ scheme. You can compound your account by recycling the profits back into the trading pool for even more profits.
  5. No holding of account for 6 months BS. You can invest and withdraw anytime you want.
  6. Secured 2FA login. You need to generate the password using the Google Authenticator on your mobile phone each time you want to log in.

Bad Points:

  1. It’s all kind of don’t learn anything.
  2. Too small profits to some people, but remember it is automated and safe (so far in my two weeks there have been no negative % days)
  3. Initial deposit must be at least USD 100. Sorry if you are looking for smaller investments.

Don’t be confused! Due to time difference (I am in GMT+8) and the actual value of BTC fluctuating, you might be confused with the dates and also the USD value. Keep in mind each time I indicate the USD value, it is with reference to the value of the BTC at that particular Date AND Time.

Initial Thoughts: I went through TONS of information to filter out those obvious scams. After days of contemplation, I decided to join and invested 0.01453558 BTC (USD135.21) to try out. Always invest a small amount if you are trying out something new.

Current Thoughts: After 2 weeks of great experience, I invested a further 0.11785765 BTC (USD 1,075.47) on 4th July 2020.

Daily Trades done by MTI experts:

Example Daily Trades

This is just a small screenshot of hundreds and hundreds of trades done by them. You can tally the time and currency value to the real forex market to see if it is really legit. Well…I have done so and it is indeed legit!

Investment Proof:

Investment Proof

I have blocked out my BTC wallet and user ID for obvious reasons but these two are my initial investments. Why the sudden jump of over USD 1000? The company has gained my trust and I feel safe and comfortable investing this amount.

Let the results for the first two weeks speak for itself:

First 2 weeks MTI

From 22 June 2020 to 3 July 2020. Screenshot taken on 5 July 2020. Daily updates are provided.

Profits Week 1 (22 June to 26 June 2020)

Total Percentage Increase: 1.7111%

Total BTC Increase: 0.00025027 BTC (USD 2.28 as of 5 July 2020)

Profits Week 2 (26 June to 3 July 2020)

Total Percentage Increase: 1.6938%

Total BTC Increase: 0.00025195 BTC (USD 2.30 as of 5 July 2020)

All Time Profits (22 June 2020 to 3 July 2020)

Total Percentage Increase: 3.4049%

Total BTC Increase: 0.00050222 BTC (USD 4.58 as of 5 July 2020)

These profits are based on the initial deposit of  USD135.21. Yep, definitely not going to make you a millionaire anytime soon, but there are not many places which you can safely invest a sum of money for it to make passive income for you. Be sure to keep a lookout for updates and sign up to be notified as I will be posting frequently about my MTI journey.

Verdict: Company has gained my trust and my investment, definitely not a scam.

Recommendation: Very High!

If you enjoyed my transparent review and honesty, I would greatly appreciate it if you could join my team. As a return, I will provide you with spill over members so you can start building your team too! I will also provide help if you need in terms of setting up your account and making your first deposit! Sign up is completely free but you need to make a minimum of 100 USD deposit to start getting profits.

Visit their site here: Mirror Trading International

Sign up here to join my team: Team Painless Trades

MTI Logo

Painless Trades signing off.

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