Review: Is Night Profit 2 by StarTrade a scam?

How it generates money for you: It is an expert advisor (EA) that trades automatically for you. All you need to do is pay, download and install. No team building, no referral links from me. This EA is a scam, stay away. Yes I am that direct, no hiding, no BS.

For a legit and profitable autotrading bot, read my review on the GPS Forex Robot 3.

Costs (One time payment): 

Small (Profits capped at USD 1000 per month) – USD 99

Medium (Profits capped at USD 5000 per month) – USD 199

Large (Unlimited profits per month) – USD 499


Good Points:

  1. I purchased the Night Profit 2 EA on 7 June 2020. Easy to install after download.
  2. Not many settings to tweak on the EA so it is beginner friendly.
  3. 7 presets provided for 3 settings (slow, fast and aggressive).


Bad Points:

  1. Extremely high loss rate. All the settings given simply do not work. Please refer to screenshots for evidence below.
  2. Pretty costly, I went for the Medium size thinking that it would be a good amount to start with.
  3. Very poor customer support. They have a Virtual Assistant (VA) on their Facebook which answers everything except for what you are specifically asking for. In almost a month of usage of their VA, there was only once or twice that an actual person actually spoke to me. Emailing them is like emailing your childhood crush, they either reply you coldly or non at all. My last two emails to them were on 18 June 2020 and 22 June 2020, no replies from them yet.
  4. They took very long to provide license codes for both demo and live accounts. Much longer than the promised ‘within 24 hours’. I can deal with this as I believe they need time to ‘code’ the EA properly so that it could actually work.
  5. It was pretty easy for me to setup and install the bot but for those who have troubles…instead of them helping their customers to install, they direct them to another ‘product’ page where you have to pay an additional USD 99 just for them to help you install the bot!
  6. I used their recommended broker which is FXTM but it couldn’t even work on the MT5 platform. They took ages to suggest to me to open another account under MT4 to try. It finally got to work.
  7. I understand that it is a scalper but it makes a crazy amount of trades even with a setting that is supposed to make it not trade so often. If these trades end up in profits I wouldn’t mind, but they did not!


Star Trade Claims

You can find this on their website. Very bold claims…and they’re absolutely untrue.


Firstly, let me provide you with evidence that I have indeed installed this bot on my MT4 FXTM Demo account. (Thank God it is only a demo account).

Evidence of EA Installation

You can see that auto trading is on and there is a smiley face on the top right of each chart with Night Profit 2. It is currently a Sunday here so there are no trades being made, the two seen are open trades over the weekend. You might have already seen my balance, it was a demo account which I started with USD 1,000,000. Currently it has USD 955,781.26. I will explain in greater details below. By the way, I am running this platform on a VPS service in London as you can see from the options, with ping speed of lesser than 7ms.



Night Profit 2 Tragedy

Total Trades Made (Just for 3 July 2020): 194

Trades Won: 54

Trades Lost: 140

Lot Size: 0.1

Open Trades over weekend: 2

Total Loss in a single day: USD 924.46


Summary from 12 June to 3 July 2020:

Total Tragedy

Total Trades Made: 2849

Trades Won: 1151

Trades Lost: 1698

Initial Investment on 12 June 2020 (Demo): USD 1,000,000

Current Balance as of 5 July 2020: USD 955,781.26

Total Loss: USD 44,218.74


EA Settings: I am super confused by the settings this company is providing for the EA. When I first purchased it, it gave different settings for starting the EA and giving it time to analyze the market. With the presets given in the installation folder, the settings are totally different. Recently on their Facebook, they have posted very positive results and the settings to go along. Guess what? I tried ALL the settings since 12 June 2020 and none work at all. Their latest post on Facebook recommends to do a 3 days mild setting then change for another 6 days for the bot to properly work. Well it is not working either. I have emailed them asking for an explanation but obviously did not get a reply. If YOU are from Star Trade and you see this, you better come forth and clear things up, till then I will continue to spread this post and encourage everyone else to do so.


WARNING: They have been posting very positive results on their Facebook account and there are reviews from ‘ghost accounts’ that praise this EA. These ghost accounts barely have friends or posts and have some weird names. Some of these accounts even share the same exact posts just to make it look ‘active’. Please exercise your due diligence when reading these.


Verdict: Most definitely a SCAM. I will finish up my demo trial period of 7 days to see if anything changes but I think there’s a higher chance I would find a USD1000 bill on the floor than this EA actually making me profits. Oh and there’s no such thing as a refund. STAY AWAY!

For a legit and profitable autotrading bot, read my review on the GPS Forex Robot 3.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Is Night Profit 2 by StarTrade a scam?

    1. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you too. I hope more people are able to see the truth rather than being blinded by fake reviews and accounts out there. Never purchase any EAs who do not offer refunds, it just shows that they are not confident in their product or they know from the get go that the EA won’t work. Thankful that it was just our demo accounts. Cheers!


  1. Same for me.
    I’ve purchased the small version on August 15th.
    I only tried on demo and I won’t try it on a real account…

    The prices have changed since then:
    – about 200$ for small
    – about 350$ for medium
    – about 700$ for large


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