Update 8 July 2020: We crossed the 100 dollars mark!

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This is an update post continued from Update 7 July 2020: Cryptohopper.

Update as of 8 July 2020:

CH Results 08072020 2145HRS

Results as of 8 July 2020 2143HRS

Current price of 1 BTC: USD 9364.98

Initial Deposit: 0.11 BTC (USD 1030.15)

Current Balance (Includes current open positions): 0.12094526 BTC (US 1132.65)

Profits (not including open positions): 0.01230749 BTC (USD 115.26)

Profits Percentage: 9.95% (it is lesser than the total BTC returns percentage as it includes the current open trades which are in negative %)

Total Trades closed: 37

Won: 34

Loss: 3

Winning Rate: 91.8%


So in 3 days and 55 minutes, we have crossed the 100 dollars mark with a profit of 0.01230749 BTC (USD 115.26). That’s a solid increase of 11.19% with this new strategy of 91.8% winning rate. The market always changes but as long as it works, I will keep to this setting. When the market changes, we have to also.


Some people have commented that paper trading can be quite different from actual results. I guess only one way to find out…we will give it a bit more time and then I will switch to a live trading account!


If you would like to join my team, please sign up via the link below. I will share with you the EXACT new settings I am using to get these fast results. Sign up for our post updates too!

Join: Team Painless Trades

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