Update 6 July to 10 July 2020: StarTrade is A Total Scam

Hello Painless Traders! Please read my initial post at Review: Is Night Profit 2 by StarTrade a scam? first if you haven’t. This is an update post.


Update of results for 6 July 2020

Night Profit 2 Tragedy 06072020

Total Trades Closed (On 6 July 2020): 244

Trades Won: 95

Trades Lost: 149

Lot Size: 0.1

Total Loss in a single day: USD 545.91


Update of results for 7 July 2020

Night Profit 2 Tragedy 07072020

Total Trades Closed (On 7 July 2020): 394

Trades Won: 183

Trades Lost: 211

Lot Size: 0.1

Total Loss in a single day: USD 205.58


Update of results for 8 July 2020

NP Tragedy 08072020

Total Trades Closed (On 8 July 2020): 220

Trades Won: 69

Trades Lost: 151

Lot Size: 0.1

Total Loss in a single day: USD 777.77


And I thought 7 was a lucky number…well apparently not for this bot at least. There’s roughly 1 day and 10 hours left for this bot. I will just continue running it till then. Even with their latest advice and settings posted on their Facebook, after the whole ‘3 days learning to 6 days analysis’ by the bot process, nothing has changed. It opened trades randomly (for etc, 4 buy orders and 1 sell orders for the same currency pair at the exact same time).


Update of results for 9 July 2020

NP Tragedy 09072020

Total Trades Closed (On 9 July 2020): 323

Trades Won: 89

Trades Lost: 234

Lot Size: 0.1

Total Loss in a single day: USD 1418.21


Update of results for 10 July 2020

NP Tragedy 10072020 End

Total Trades Closed (On 10 July 2020): 206

Trades Won: 90

Trades Lost: 116

Lot Size: 0.1

Total Loss in a single day: USD 230.44


There’s roughly 7 hours left for my Night Profit 2 demo license but I have decided to end the misery earlier for the benefit of all.


Just for this week’s results:

Total Trades Closed: 1387

Trades Won: 526

Trades Lost: 861

Lot Size: 0.1

Total Loss: USD 3177.91

Star Trade Claims

Bold claims by the company: 95.72% accuracy.

Actual accuracy: 37.9%


Final Verdict: StarTrade Night Profit 2 is a 100% complete scam.


  1. Very low winning rates with senseless scalping.
  2. I’ve tried with numerous settings since 12 June and nothing has worked.
  3. My purchase amount of USD 199 is gone. They do not do refunds.
  4. Very poor customer support. My last emails from almost a month ago are still not answered.
  5. They fake review and comments on their facebook promotion. Both on advertisements and their page. Take a look at those ghost profiles pretending to ask questions and giving positive results. These accounts are fake and some of them are friends with each other and they post the exact same thing to pretend that the accounts are real. Could be some bot generating profiles.


Save your money and stay away from this company totally.


End of update for this bot and company.

For a legit and profitable autotrading bot, read my review on the GPS Forex Robot 3.

Painless Trades signing off.

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