Update 12 July 2020: A Big Win…And A Big Loss

Hello Painless Traders! Please read my initial post at Review: Is Learn 2 Trade a scam? first if you haven’t. This is an update post.


I am loving this trade signal groups, not just for the quality signals, but the news and analysis that they share with the members. I am new to this and therefore am able to learn so much from reading the materials that they share. Definitely got more than what I came for, which was for the signals only.


I would like to share these screenshots of all the trades I made using the signals from this group. 100% transparency, showing both the wins and the losses. Let me know if you prefer screenshots of trading results in this mobile MT5 format, or from the desktop MT5 format. I personally like the mobile screenshots, especially if there are more blues than reds.

Trades shown are from 19 June 2020 to 10 July 2020.


We are actually profitable! When I first updated on this service on 5 July 2020, we were at a loss, but now we are back on track. There were some shaky moments in the market but that’s just how the markets are right now. I also started to follow signals for USD vs Gold/Silver to see how it pans out.

The first XAGUSD (Silver) trade I made actually made a profit of USD 16.50. That’s a big amount in relative to the invested sum. Unfortunately our AUDJPY pair had to hit the stop loss and take a big loss. I studied the charts, if the stop loss was set 10 pips away, we would have made some big gains as the trend reversed right after the trade was closed. We would have been up around 30% of our trade account! Let’s not be discouraged and move on.


Here’s the summary from my desktop platform.

Results Update 12072020

Total Trades Made: 25

Trades Won: 12

Trades Lost: 13

Initial Investment: USD 101.27

Lot Size: 0.01/0.02

Open Trades over weekend: 4

Current Balance as of 12 July 2020: USD 107.81


The winning rate has definitely gone up as compared to my previous post. Overall I am pleased with the service currently and there have been many good content, updates and signals given. As mentioned, there are many trades that I have missed due to the age of the signals being more than 5 minutes since I noticed them or I am just not trading that commodity. There were many winning trades with other commodities and I might just venture into those too.


Be sure to keep a lookout for updates and sign up to be notified as I will be posting frequently about my Learn 2 Trade VIP group journey. You can now also follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts!

You can visit their website here:

Learn 2 Trade Logo

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