Update 12 July 2020: We made almost 200 dollars!

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Hey Painless Traders! This is an update post continued from Update 10 July 2020: Cryptohopper


Update as of 12 July 2020:

CH Results 12072020 1044HRS

Results as of 12 July 2020 1042 HRS

Current price of 1 BTC: USD 9263.90

Initial Deposit: 0.11 BTC (USD 1019.03)

Current Balance (including current open positions): 0.12306745 BTC (US 1140.08)

Profits (not including open positions): 0.02004712 BTC (USD 185.71)

Profits Percentage: 11.88% (it is lesser than the total BTC returns percentage as it includes the current open trades which are in negative %)

Total Trades closed: 70

Won: 59

Loss: 11

Winning Rate: 84.3%


As compared to my last update on 10 July 2020, the winning rate has increased a little from 80.3% to 84.3% currently. The new settings I have implemented seems to be working and I almost made USD 200 since the reset on 5 July 2020.


I have also spoken to the developers about this and they concurred once again that this is not the best strategy for the current market. They introduced another one which is supposedly better suited for the current market. Let’s see how this goes for a while more before I decide to change strategy.


I hope you like my direct style of concise writing and going straight to the results. If you would like to join my team, please sign up via the link below. I will share with you the current settings I am using to get these profitable results. Sign up for our post updates and you can now follow on social media channels too!

Join: Team Painless Trades


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