Update 15 July 2020: New Strategy for Cryptohopper

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Hey Painless Traders! This is an update post continued from Update 12 July 2020: We made almost 200 dollars!


I made two more investments in this service!

  1. New ‘Adventurer’ subscription. This is the middle tier (one away from the best one) monthly service which costs USD 49 per month. I upgraded to this level due to many legit reviews sharing that they have better results due to the benefits of this tier (with evidence). Of course the best one would be ‘Hero’ but I need to see there’s a proper working system first before investing USD 99 per month for the ‘Hero’.
  2. Recommended by the developer himself, I purchased the Russia strategy at only USD 4.99. You get to keep the strategy forever, but updates are only for 3 months.


Current review and thoughts on these two investments: NO GOOD.

Take a look at the current state of the account:

Russia 15072020 1912HRS


In order to try this new strategy, I had to stop Calvary 3.0 and reset the account to 0.11 BTC and starting running Russia from 12 July 2020 1540HRS. It took almost 1.5 days to begin opening orders and many did not meet the requirement so it did not complete the hop. However when it started to make proper trades…

Currently there are 5 open trades and all are in the red zone. Two already hit the stop loss. Perhaps I should be trying this a little longer but I have had much better experience with Cavalry 3.0 and will switch back.

Review for Russia By Tapoleon: Not good at all for me. We will have to hold on for future tests.

With my upgraded adventurer subscription, we should be able to see better results! Each subscription only allows one paper trading so I am unable to test longer. Let’s see how things work out with the upgraded Cavalry 3.0.

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