Update 13 July to 17 July 2020: A Good Week

Hello Painless Traders! Please read my initial post at Review: Is Learn 2 Trade a scam? first if you haven’t. This is an update post from Update 12 July 2020: A Big Win…And A Big Loss.


I did not manage to make a lot of trades this week due to my work schedule, but those that I took, ended up pretty well.

Trades 13 to 17 July

These are the trades that were closed this week. Some trades were meant for intra-day trading and were opened days before.


Results 13072020 to 17072020

Total Trades Made: 17

Trades Won: 13

Trades Lost: 4

Winning Rate: 76.5%

Lot Size: 0.02

Open Trades over weekend: 0

Initial Investment: USD 101.27

Current Balance: USD 142.64

Total Net Profit: USD 34.83


I am pretty happy with the win rate of 76.5%. It could have been higher or lower if I followed the other signals but this is what we get for the week. Definitely would recommend this service if you are looking for a legit forex signals group that doesn’t copy and paste from other signal groups.


Revised recommendation: High.


Heading off to the weekend now where the forex markets are closed. Have a good rest everyone!


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