Review: Is the GPS Forex Robot 3 a scam?

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How it generates money for you: The GPS Forex Robot 3 is an expert advisor (EA) that trades automatically for you. All you need to do is pay, download and install. If you sign up using my link, I will give you the exact settings and techniques that I am using to get these profits. GPS Forex Robot 3 is a highly recommended EA and definitely not a scam.

Costs (One time payment): USD 149 for 1 lifetime license


Good Points:

  1. The EA is reasonably priced, especially since it will be giving so much more returns
  2. Easy to install after purchase. The instructions given by the developers are pretty clear, but do not worry as I will be here to help you too if you join my team
  3. An actually legit and profitable EA with verified results (It is very rare to find an actual legit and profitable EA these days..)
  4. Trades on only 4 major currency which are stable and are sure to give profitable returns most of the time
  5. If you really do not like it for whatever reason, and are not profitable even with my proven settings and technique, you can request for a full refund from the vendor.


Bad Points:

  1. If you do not use the EA with proper settings and proper risk management, you will put your account at very high risk of a heavy draw down or even wipe out.
  2. No backtesting available. Some traders like to backtest, but it is not possible with the GPS Forex Robot 3.


You can refer to the developer’s live myfxbook account here to see how profitable and stable this EA is over the last decade. Or perhaps you would like to have a look at my personal results over the last 4 weeks:

These are screenshots taken right off my MT4 on my phone. The date selected is 22 June 2020 to 23 July 2020. In around 5 weeks, I made a huge profit of USD 3682.74. I am not sure about you, but this amount, as a passive income, is HUGE to most people.

There are mixed reviews about GPS Forex Robot 3 on reputable websites such as Forex Peace Army. Mostly are good reviews which show that this EA is working well for them too. Some are negative reviews that show how this EA is not doing any good for them or even blow their accounts.

I am not merely promoting GPS Forex Robot 3 for the sake of it, I am actually using it for my own passive income! After a few months of demo and subsequently live trading, I have decided that this is definitely a legit robot that can bring you a lot of profits even in this current market, provided that you use the correct settings.

Verdict: Highly recommended. GPS Forex Robot 3 is a legit and profitable autotrading EA that doesn’t make you rich overnight, but allows you to get decent profits over time. Join my team now and receive the exact settings and techniques that I use to make this EA as profitable and safe as possible.

Sign up here to join my team: Team Painless Trades

Best Broker for GPS Forex Robot 3: Team Painless Trades

GPS Logo

(Update: Please send me an email at if you have signed up using both my links so that I can get in touch with you as soon as possible. Only send me an email using the same email you used to make payment as I will be verifying with the system that you have purchased it under me. Thank you.)

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