Update 25 July 2020: A Very Slow Week

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What’s up Painless Traders! This is an update post continued from Update 15 July to 19 July 2020: The Reset 2.0


Ever since the last update, I switched into live trading on 19 July 2020 at roughly 1900HRS. I deposited 0.11393102 BTC into my account.

Calvary 25072020 1832HRS

(Screenshot taken as of 25 July 2020 at 1832HRS)

I’ve gotten a return of 0.00103835 BTC (USD 9.95) ever since going live on 19 July. It had been a very slow week with my account going into the negative for the most part. Only in the last few days did it pick up the slack and managed to become profitable.

Total number of trades: 26

Trades Won: 19

Trades Lost: 7

Win Rate: 73.1%


Definitely not the returns I had hoped for, but I am thankful that it has turned over for the better in these last few days. I will continue running the same settings for a couple of days and see how it turns out. Perhaps this is the reality of trading in a live account as compared to paper trading. Another positive note is how BTC value has risen over this last week.


If you enjoyed my transparent review and honesty, I would greatly appreciate it if you could join my team. As a return, I will share with you the exact same settings I am using for Cavalry 3.0 to work so you can start getting profits too. I will also provide help if you need in terms of setting up your account and making your first deposit. You can follow me on my social media accounts too.

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