Review: Is Forex Flex EA a scam?

How it generates money for you: It is an expert advisor (EA) that trades automatically for you. All you need to do is pay, download and install. No team building, no referral links from me. Yes I am that direct, no hiding, no BS.


First let’s have a look at their website and price.

Flex Forex EA

This is the usual template that companies use to package their online products.


Flex Price

The price of the EA for a single live account license is pretty steep at USD 330. Why did I still make purchase? I did my research carefully using these criteria to make sure it is legit and I felt comfortable investing in the Forex Flex EA.


Another reason I was looking for another auto-trading EA is that I still had a few months of VPS service left on my MT4 under one of my brokers. Might as well invest a little sum to fully utilize the VPS and my MT4 account. This happened because of the StarTrade Night Profit 2 scam.

Important Note: Unfortunately I was unable to utilize this VPS due to Forex Flex EA requiring dll to function. VPS that are purchased directly from MT4 or MT5 platforms are unable to run EAs which use dll. It was my mistake not checking this in the first place, hopefully you can avoid this mistake after reading this!


Good Points:

  1. The company is active and has very good customer support.
  2. New strategies are always being made and tested to accommodate to changes in the market. Updates are made automatically to adapt to the market conditions.
  3. An actually legit and profitable EA with verified results and good reviews (It is very rare to find an actual legit and profitable EA these days..)
  4. Literally hundreds of possible configuration as there are many settings which can be tweaked to your trading style.
  5. An active VIP forum which members can post and interact with each other. The developer is also active on the forum.
  6. Has a virtual trading function which only allows the EA to make trades after achieving certain requirements and accuracy from the virtual trading.
  7. Trades around news with specific settings using the built-in news indicator.
  8. If you really do not like it for whatever reason, you can request for a full refund from the vendor within 30 days.


Bad Points:

  1. Pretty steep price for the Forex Flea EA at USD 330. Not many people will be willing to fork out this huge sum for an EA
  2. Too many strategies and settings available, can be very confusing especially for beginners. Need to know which strategy works for which market.


FF Trades 24072020

These are the trades that were closed since the start of this demo account on 13 July 2020. The Forex Flex EA did not make trades everyday, but when it did, they ended in good profits.


FF Results 24072020

Total Trades Made: 17 (11 won, 6 loss)

Winning Rate: 64.7%

Initial Investment: USD 3000

Current Balance: USD 3237.74

Total Net Profit in 2 weeks: USD 237.74


That’s a very good 7.9% returns of the initial investment. I am still tweaking the settings quite a bit for this strategy as I am aiming for decent returns but with very low risk. Once this has been achieved, I will not hesitate to go live with the Forex Flex EA.


Verdict: Highly recommended, definitely not a scam.

You can purchase the Forex Flex EA directly from their website.

Flex EA Logo


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