Update 20 July to 24 July 2020: Learn & Trade

Hi Painless Traders! Please read my initial post at Review: Is Learn 2 Trade a scam? first if you haven’t.

Previous updates:

Update 12 July 2020: A Big Win…And A Big Loss

Update 13 July to 17 July 2020: A Good Week


Trades 20 July to 24 July

These are the trades that were closed this week. Some trades were meant for intra-day trading and were opened days before.

Results 20072020 to 24072020

Total Trades Made: 10 (6 won, 4 loss)

Winning Rate: 60%

Open Trades over weekend: 1

Initial Investment: USD 101.27

Last Week’s Balance: USD 142.64

Current Balance: USD 157.25

Weekly Profit: USD 14.61

Total Net Profit: USD 55.98


We scored a big win of USD 41 with the silver trade but two subsequent bad trades from the GBPJPY and AUDJPY leveled it. In any case, we still made a 10.2% profit from last week. Learn 2 Trade has been providing so much more value via the telegram group. On top of the usual news and signals, they’re also providing education forex materials which are perfect for beginners to read at their own pace. Trade and learn at the same time!

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