Update 17 August to 21 August 2020: MTI in the spotlight

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Hey there Painless Traders, if you have not read my first post about Mirror Trading International, please do so at the following link Review: Is Mirror Trading International a scam?

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Update (17 August to 21 August 2020):

17 to 21 August 2020 Update

Opening Balance: 0.14912808 BTC (USD 1734.44)

Closing Balance: 0.15233497 BTC (USD 1771.83)

Total Profits: 0.00335108 BTC  (USD 38.98)

Profit Percentage: 2.13%

(Note: Value of BTC in USD will be taken from the daily trading statement for consistency in comparison)


Summary of profits since first investment*

Week 1 (22 June to 26 June): 0.00025027 BTC

Week 2 (29 June to 3 July): 0.00025195 BTC

Week 3 (6 July to 10 July): 0.00266611 BTC

Week 4 (13 July to 17 July 2020): 0.00278018 BTC

Week 5 (20 July to 24 July 2020): 0.00294726 BTC

Week 6 (27 July to 31 July 2020): 0.00317599 BTC

Week 7 (3 August to 7 August 2020): 0.0024276 BTC

Week 8 (10 August to 14 August 2020): 0.00223549 BTC

Week 9 (17 August to 21 August 2020): 0.00335108 BTC

Grand Total: 0.02008593 BTC (USD 233.62)

*Based on Friday’s report BTC value of USD 11631.13.


Is MTI in trouble?

If you haven’t heard or read, MTI has made the news recently, albeit for not so positive reasons. I will leave it to you to search and read up about it as there have been many discussions about MTI on various platforms such as forums, Youtube and news site.

My stand on this matter:

I see great efforts by the MTI team, especially the CEO, to step up and find common terms with the legal teams. This means that they have to be 100% transparent when it comes to investigations etc. I will still keep my investment in MTI, but will not make any additional investment until they’re able to overcome this obstacle. If a company is a clear cut scam, it will usually disappear at this stage when they’re getting interrogated and the need to be fully transparent arises. MTI is fighting to be regulated and did not disappear. Those are good signs for me, but we will never know. Once again, an investment choice is made by an individual willingly and he/she should be solely responsible for the outcome. If anything goes south, I will only have myself to blame, none others. No one put a gun to my head and forced me to invest in MTI (or any other portfolios).


For those who are already in: You might want to withdraw your investment or partials. MTI is still offering its quick and hassle-free withdrawal process.

For those who are not in yet: Wait until all these doubts are fully cleared. Keep your money and invest somewhere else first. Once MTI clears this obstacle, you will be in a better position to invest in it. Trust in a company/avenue you are investing in is key to success.




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