Update 13 September 2020: End of Journey

Hey there Painless Traders, if you have not read my first post about Cryptohopper, please do so at the following link Review: Is Cryptohopper a scam?

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Both the crypto and forex markets have had crazy movements these past weeks. I have decided to terminate my service with Cryptohopper due to a couple of reasons.

It was going decently well with the new Jackrabbit strategy. This was on 18 August 2020.

This was taken on 4 September 2020, prior to that roughly 5 or 6 days the trades were going bad and the most of the profits made were all lost. I decided to then stop trading with Cryptohopper altogether for the following reasons:

  1. Personally I felt that I have tried pretty hard since July to find strategies and settings that are profitable. There is no point trying to force it out when it is clearly not working for me.
  2. My knowledge and understanding on using the platform is not there and I do not have time to study it in depth. I am now more focused on forex trading.
  3. Subscription to Cryptohopper itself is rather expensive and strategies have to be purchased to work something out. At the end of the day, it would be hard to even break even to pay for the subscription fees even with my initial USD 1000 deposit.

Final Verdict: I am not suited for the Cryptohopper platform and style of trading and have decided to terminate my subscription. If you have time and knowledge to pursue this, please don’t let this stop you as I still know of people who are profiting from trading with Cryptohopper. (You could join their telegram to have a look at what’s going on).

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