GPS Forex Robot 3 Update: 21 December – 25 December 2020

Hey there Painless Traders, if you have not read my first post about the GPS Forex Robot 3, please do so at the following link Review: Is the GPS Forex Robot 3 a scam?

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Results 21 December – 25 December 2020

Results (21 December to 25 December 2020):

21 December 2020: USD 1677.15

22 December 2020: USD 23.34

23 December 2020: USD 161.35

24 December 2020: USD 61.21

25 December 2020: Markets are closed for Christmas. I wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays (:

Total Profits: USD 1923.05 (Insane!!! Do not expect such results all the time though, this is the Forex market, remember that)

Early update this week because there were some really BIG movements in the market today and I would like to bring across some important points. Go open the charts or ask around which accounts were blown by various EAs today. There were very steep drops in the EU and GU pairs. GPS somehow managed to survived the storm. The last trade seen on the screenshot for 21 December 2020, is the recovery trade that GPS has opened since last Friday when it hit a stop loss. When the market opened, there was a big market gap. Market gaps are very common and usual, but one this big is pretty uncommon based on my experience. That is why the GU recovery trade made so much profit when the market opened. The other pairs also hit the stop loss but were all recovered by the recovery trades, except for one EU pair. The overall profit could have been much higher if the recovery trade for that trade was also opened. It failed to open possibly due to a very short down time of the VPS. I doubt it had anything to do with the margin or error of the GPS EA itself as the margin levels are fine (with my safe settings) and GPS did open other recovery trades just fine. Here I would like to highlight two important facts:

  1. Forex market can and will have crazy movements such as today. It may happen once a month, one a week, thrice a day, nobody knows. Forex is not for everyone; it is definitely not for the faint hearted. Imagine someone who could not take seeing these losses and stopped the EA. None of his trades would have been recovered by GPS. This is the reality of this market, banks are always looking to hunt for stop losses and clear liquidity.
  2. Technical errors do happen, not just for GPS EA, but for any EA. Sometimes at the most crucial time when you need it to not fail, it will fail. Murphy’s laws do apply in the forex market, more than other areas I believe. We have to accept this fact. VPS servers guarantee 99.99% of uptime, but that 0.01% happened today and the recovery trade was not made. Thankfully we made a big profit from the GU pair so it was overall a very profitable day.

Also, I would like to remind my dear readers that I am not the owner of this EA or company. I am merely a user, just like you. Even if you contact the owner/developer and demand an explanation on why you lost on certain trades, nobody can help you. This is down to your personal investment and choices that lead you to where you are now, there is simply no point starting to blame everything else around you. I simply share my results here and then my settings to those who purchased the EA from my link. Even if you have literally the same settings as me, our results may vary due to other variables (VPS, broker, account type etc). If you are unable to accept this reality, then Forex is really not for you. Thanks for your understanding.

Those who have purchased the GPS Forex Robot EA through my link, please drop me an email at I will share with you my settings and tips to optimize this EA. Many comments left here are filtered out automatically by wordpress as spam and I do not get to even see them.

Those who have yet to purchase it, you can do so by clicking on the image below:

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