Update 4 January 2021: Bitcoin crossed 30k, but MTI is a SCAM

One of the worst events/news for a lot of investors is how MTI started becoming very shady and questionable after my previous update. I do not want to dwell too much on it as we are all saddened by this news (just google ‘MTI scam’, everything is there). Personally for me, I managed to withdraw my initial deposit so that everything became risk free, but it still pains to see my ‘profits’ and BTC share just disappear into thin air. I delayed posting about this as I was hanging on to a small sliver of hope, but soon I realized I need to face reality and accept it.

Lesson learnt: I will probably never engage in any such mining scheme/company anymore. Some clear red flags which I ignored about MTI were:

  1. FSCA raided MTI and issued warning. Always heed legal official advice of that country.
  2. FXChoice (the supposed broker of MTI) made an official statement about how MTI did not actually trade with them in large amounts as claimed.
  3. MTI then changed to using a non-existent broker called Trade 300 (which is owned by the CEO of MTI himself). The website didn’t even exist and this piece of important was made known to the members very late into the whole drama.

The CEO is currently missing and supposedly a manhunt is on for him. No matter the outcome, I am very certain, none of the investors are getting their bitcoin back.

On a brighter note, as mentioned in my previous post (it was just at 20k the last post, currently at 34k), BTC is going to the sky. I hope that some of you took my advice to keep some BTC in the wallet as that would already mean you are making a lot of gains already!

It’s a new year, we keep our heads up and look forward to better days ahead.


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