Virtuo Trading EA Update: 15 March – 19 March 2021

Virtuo Trading EA

Hey there Painless Traders, if you have not read my first post about the Virtuo Trading EA, please do so at the following link Review: Is Virtuo Trading a scam?

Results 15 March – 19 March 2021

Results (15 March to 19 March 2021):

15 March 2021: USD 36.85

16 March 2021: USD 9.76

17 March 2021: USD 24.26

18 March 2021: USD 25.07

19 March 2021: USD 17.29

Total Profits: USD 113.23

There was not much movement this week. The positive side is that martingale EAs such as Virtuo Trading EA are relatively safe when there is not much movement in the market. The bad side is of course, the profits are not much as well. We are roughly 0.86% up for this week. I am still thankful because the capital is protected and the profits are a nice bonus. For the current users, please remember to change your EA to the new and improved updated version. Just contact Andy if you’re unsure.

There should be some big movements for EU pair next week, we shall see how this EA handles it!

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