Virtuo Trading EA Update: The End

Results 22 March – 26 March 2021

Results (22 March to 26 March 2021):

22 March 2021: USD 29.08

23 March 2021: USD 31.22

24 March 2021: -USD 7847.19

25 March 2021: Stopped.

26 March 2021: Stopped.

Tragic end to this account and my journey with this company. Look at the screenshots for 24 March 2021, many crazy trades with ridiculous lot sizes were opened for multiple currencies, even Gold. This could not have been the Virtuo EA malfunctioning or that sort because there is no EA comments found and the EA only trades on EU pair. These are obviously manual trades placed. My entire account had been compromised.

Prior to this when I signed up to become an affiliate for Virtuo (I did so because like mentioned in my previous post, I have been with them for a very long time and I have gained confidence in their EA), everything was alright and my account was successfully created and I could log in as an affiliate with no issues. Andy then asked me for my investor password so that he could have a look at my account statistics and put in onto myfxbook. He eventually put in onto the company’s myfxbook (it has been taken down now). In order to get it verified, he wanted to TeamView with me so that we could do it together, but I was too busy to do so. He said I could give him my master password for him to get it verified, and so I did. I simply did not have time to change it back but when I did check my trades later, to my horror, all the crazy trades had already taken place. Before that we were sorting out some IB issue with the broker as he said all this while the broker did not link my account to his IB even though I signed up using the affiliate link he sent to me. Could this be the trigger?

At that point of time, my immediate reaction was to change my master password and withdraw whatever’s left inside my account because the account had already been compromised. Thankfully, even after the 7K USD lost, I was still in overall profit and managed to protect all my initial capital of 5K USD. I texted Andy if he placed any manual trades, but he did not reply to my message. Instead, he was only concerned if I had emailed the broker to ask about the IB link.

Verdict: I was in a big shock as my relationship with Andy was very good for so long and I had never requested for any kind of account management for my account. I am not sure why would anyone place manual trades on it, even I don’t do it myself in this account. Placing huge lot sizes such as these is just crazy and without risk management. Till this date, the only person (besides myself) who knows my investor and master passwords is Andy. I went to do more research and there has been many complaints of Andy or his team opening huge lot sizes for account management, like seen in my account. I saw such reviews prior to using the EA and because I had never intended to use their account management service, I thought I would be safe.

I have never asked for any account management nor did I ask for more profits or anything at any point of time. I am too busy to deal with all this drama and since I was still in overall profit, I have withdrawn everything and closed my account and stopped using this EA. Without a doubt, the Virtuo EA is still one of the best martingale EAs out there that did not blow my account despite crazy market conditions, but this experience tells me to stay very far away.

References to others having bad experiences:

Trustpilot Reviews. Check out the bad reviews.

A youtube channel reviewing this EA. Check out the comments. I have screenshotted some below:

Many have complained about his team using crazy lot sizes/poor risk management to trade.

I have been kicked out of his telegram group and affiliate program. Similarly, to avoid receiving threats and verbal abuse, I have blocked him too. If you have any evidence or story to share, do send it to my email and I will consider posting them. We need to protect each other and our hard earned money, no matter what.

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